The SOLOBOCA Magazine was born at the end of 2009 as an information and entertainment proposal for the xeneize public. Aware that there were no publications referring to the institution, the De la Fuente family - owner of the Editorial de Automovilismo CRONO - gave shape to the idea that saw the light in October 2010. Although that time was not the happiest in the sporting plan - Claudio Borghi's team did not reach the objectives - was undoubtedly the beginning of a beautiful project.

In its beginnings, the Magazine was weekly, it consisted of 40 pages in full color and it reached all of Argentina where there was a blue and gold heart. In its content, you could find sections of all kinds.

Over the years SoloBoca grew and earned a privileged place in the Boca world. Interviews were easily accessed by players on the professional roster, and the quality of the content was getting better and better. But it wasn't just men's soccer. In the pages of the Magazines, you could read about all the disciplines of the institution, even the least disseminated. We were witnesses of the luxury of the first great steps of the feminine team of Soccer. We cover volleyball, basketball, and all amateur sports championships talking with their protagonists.

The incorporation of new technologies into people's lives forced us to transform that informational essence a bit. And we started looking for better quality and timeless content. The magazine became a monthly publication but with a generous increase in its number of pages and circulation. It was transformed, over time, into a collectible product. 

It is a huge pride for the entire SoloBoca family to know that there are fans across the country who keep our posts. We receive photos in our emails that fill us with joy. And many who ask us about the new departure date.

We are currently working on the online version, which will be interactive and with many surprises for everyone.